Sound Proof Windows

Sound Proof Windows are the most sought after windows in today’s noisy world. Noise Pollution in metropolis like Mumbai & other major cities in India have increased immensely, main sources of Noise Pollution are heavy traffic, Loud Music, Ongoing Metro Work, Construction, etc. Our Soundproof Windows are capable to damp the outside noise coming from Window space. Soundproof Windows can reduce the sound of 80-85 decibel to 50-60 decibel which in layman terms is equal to 70-75% Reduction in noise. This Windows are made using Double Glazed Glass from thickness 19mm to 24mm.Window type, Glass Color & Aluminium Section Color is totally customizable. Sound Dampening Material is filled in the Aluminium Sections & Tracks are installed with a shock absorbing material which helps to reduce the vibrations through building structure.

Soundproof Windows are of Following Types:

1. Sound Proof Sliding Windows

Soundproof Sliding Windows are for the bigger window openings mainly in Hall, living Room & Bedrooms. There can be Maximum of 8 shutters in Soundproof Sliding Windows. Aluminium Sections used in Sound Proof Sliding Windows are 30mm x 65mm Double Glazed Series , 27mm x 65mm Double Glazed Series ( Deluxe Series ) & 35mm x 75mm Double Glazed Series ( Deluxe Series). Soundproof Windows can reduce

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2. Sound Proof Openable & Fixed Windows

Soundproof Openable Casement Windows are for the smaller window openings mainly in bedrooms, passageways, Kitchen, etc. Openable Windows gives 100% Ventilation Opening which is not possible to achieve in Sliding Windows. Sections used in Openable Soundproof Windows are of Casement Sections which makes the window Soundproof & Waterproof. EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) Gasket is used which has a life of 15 years.

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3. Soundproof Glass Partitions & Doors

Soundproof Glass Partitions & Doors are ideal Solutions for Office cabins, Class Rooms & Meeting Rooms, it can also be used for industrial purpose. Main Purpose of Soundproof Glass Partitions is to separate the environment between inside & outside of the partition and make the inside part of it noise free and peaceful to give an ideal workplace environment. Glass can be customized as per the privacy requirement, It can

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