Sound Proof Sliding Windows

Soundproof Sliding Windows are for the bigger window openings mainly in Hall, living Room & Bedrooms. There can be Maximum of 8 shutters in Soundproof Sliding Windows. Aluminium Sections used in Sound Proof Sliding Windows are 30mm x 65mm Double Glazed Series , 27mm x 65mm Double Glazed Series ( Deluxe Series ) & 35mm x 75mm Double Glazed Series ( Deluxe Series). Soundproof Windows can reduce the sound of 80-85 decibel to 50-60 decibel which in layman terms is equal to 70-75% Reduction in noise. This Windows are made using Double Glazed Glass from thickness 19mm to 24mm.French Sound Proof Sliding Windows can also be made by using above mentioned sections

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