Shower Glass Partitions & Cubicles

We manufacture Bathroom Shower Glass Partitions & Cubicles of Customized size and type. Shower Glass Partitions & Cubicles are made using SS 304 Grade steel which is corrosion resistant grade of steel so that the Stainless Steel Glass Fittings used in Glass cubicle lasts longer than other cheaper alternatives. Cubicles can be made various shapes i.e. Square, Rectangular , Hexagon,Octagon or Simple Straight Single Partition. Glass used in Shower Cubicles are mostly 10mm or 12mm Toughened Clear Glass with the option of customizing the color of Glass i.e. Frosted, Design Frosted, Back Painted, Etc. Doors in this Glass Cubicles can be either Sliding Glass Door or Openable Glass Door With the option of Towel Rod Cum Handle installed Within. This partitions are also called Frameless Glass Partitions. Installation of this cubicles generally take 2-3 Hours Depending on the Size and shape of the Partitions.

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