Aluminium & Glass Partitions

Aluminium & Glass Partitions are mainly used in office, cabins and to some extent in Factories where there is a need of either visibility or luminescence from outside light source. Aluminium Frame provide strength to the partition and glass makes it look elegant & enhance the look of the interiors. Aluminium & Glass Partition work can be fully customized to any size, type & design as per requirement. Sections used in Aluminium & Glass Partitions are Jindal 1.5” x 2.5” Partition Section with Glazing Clips Or Casement sections like 52mm Casement series & 40mm Casement Series. Soundproof Partitions can be made with Aluminium & Glass Partitions.

1. Aluminium, Bakelite(Hardener sheet) & Glass Partitions:

Aluminium Bakelite & Glass Partitions are most cost effective & economical range of partitions where Aluminium Partition sections are used for framing, bakelite is used as an opaque material to cover the area which doesn’t need transparency & Glass is used to make the area transparent. This type of Partitions are mostly used in offices in Industrial area , Storage , Security Cabins or used as a wall to divide the area into two parts.

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2. Shower Glass Partitions & Cubicles:

We manufacture Bathroom Shower Glass Partitions & Cubicles of Customized size and type. Shower Glass Partitions & Cubicles are made using SS 304 Grade steel which is corrosion resistant grade of steel so that the Stainless Steel Glass Fittings used in Glass cubicle lasts longer than other cheaper alternatives. Cubicles can be made various shapes i.e. Square, Rectangular , Hexagon,Octagon or Simple Straight Single Partition. Glass

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3. Frameless Full Glass Partitions:

Frameless Full Glass Partitions with 8mm,10mm, 12mm toughened glass with options of Swing Openable and Sliding doors. Transparent or opaque Glass can be selected as per the requirement. Patch fittings are used to make the Partition frameless. Frameless Full Glass Partitions are fabricated with Saint Gobain or Equivalent toughened Clear Glasses of thickness 8mm, 10mm & 12mm. Glass can be of following Colors tinted brown

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4. Industrial Partitions

Industrial Partitions are used to part or divide the industrial spaces or to make different sections like packing area, manufacturing area & administration area. Industrial Partitions can be customized as per the area requirement. Industrial Partitions can be made either opaque or transparent or partly opaque and partly transparent. Materials used in Industrial partitions are Aluminium sections

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